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Aspects of Anti-Charter Propaganda

Explores some recurring themes that emerge when analysing the discourse of individuals who oppose the new Quebec Charter of secularism. Charter opponents:

  1. Elevate religious freedom above other freedoms, giving it priority status.
  2. Claim to protect freedom of religion of religion, but in reality they advocate religious privilege.
  3. Deliberately conflate race with religion.
  4. Emphasize personal, intimate even sacred aspect of wearing a symbol of faith.
  5. Emphasize intrinsic nature of belief elevating religious identity well above any other identity
  6. Emphasize personal nature of any anxiety that might be caused by sight of others wearing religious symbols.
  7. Pretend not to understand the concept of non-verbal proselytism, creating confusion about the issue, mocking pro-Charter arguments for very confusion they have created.
  8. Do not recognize the preventive aspect of the Charter.
  9. Use and abuse the term "diversity" in an empty-headed way, as if all diversity were necessarily good and of equal value.
  10. Manipulate hostility towards Quebec separatists in order to increase opposition to the Charter.


  • Thanks Sandra

    It certainly does raise ethcial issues when one tries to add rule of law and equality to established religious institutions and priviledge.


    Terry Anderson March 14, 2014 - 9:48am

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