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A social network that you can pay for, created by Jimmy Wales (of Wikipedia fame). You can get in right away with no payment but I chose to pay because I believe in this kind of thing. It looks pretty cool, more set-like than network-like. From the site intro, this explains, in full, why this is a really good idea:

The non-toxic social network

Welcome to a place where advertisers don’t call the shots. 

Where your data isn’t packaged up and sold. 

Where you – not algorithms – decide what you see.  

Where you can directly edit misleading content. 

Where bad actors are kicked out and kept out. 

Where you actually like spending time.  

Welcome to social media the way it should be.  

Welcome to WT.Social.

I can't help but observe that there are others like this that don't (directly) cost you anything. Athabasca Landing, for instance!


  • I too have signed up for and found it to be a really great resource for news - I especially like the aspect of being able to determine what is important to me and can filter on what exactly I want to see.  I also like the reporting and analysis provided by WT.Social - something that I find lacking on some other news platforms.

    Baljeet Bilkhu September 5, 2020 - 9:08am

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