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Walmart: Why we chose OpenStack for Walmart Global eCommerce


  • It gives me goose a good way Smile

    Viorel Tabara March 1, 2015 - 1:38am

  • Me too - those reasons for using OpenStack make such good business sense it is hard to understand how anyone would choose anything different. Quite a powerful recommendation.

    Jon Dron March 2, 2015 - 8:01pm

  • if you look at the IT landscape today - proprietary "dinasaurs" are being outflanked by outfits specialized in OpenSource technologies - Facebook, Twitter, Google - all are both recepients of OpenSource benefits and also creators in that same field - just look at the number of their OSS projects. Better yet - they sponsor a TONN of projects as well. Microsoft, of all places is nearly capitulating slowly ramping up release of OSS code in various domains (anybody saw that creepy advert "Mirosoft <heart> Linux"? ..creepy). Looking at market darling - Apple - if it wasn't for OSS it would't have succeeded. Built on top of FreeBSD from the assortment of OSS tools etc. is what made it work "out of the box" - Cups for printing, Apache for web server, MySQL, GCC toolchain, Konqueror's HTML rendering engine (forked as WebKit)... There is no denial that OpenSource moved most of today's IT giants leaps and bounds and allowed for their existence. Otherwise - it'd be Microsoft world domination today, no fancy iPhone, nor Androids. Welcome Zune (yuk) and WinPhone (ouch). 

    To sum it up - it's unsurprising that OSS makes total business sence. What is surprising is that Walmart - which in itself is a very proprietary and self-enclosed enviroment decided to go that route. When places like Walmart and Microsoft say "OSS is OK" how could anyone say otherwise?


    Dmitry Makovey March 6, 2015 - 1:33am

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