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Top 20 in Educational Technology to Connect with through Social Media - AACE

Well this is nice - I (only just) made the top 20! Nice to be counted among the notably more luminous folk even if my feeble contributions are orders of magnitude smaller. Of course, this is just about people who write about educational technology using a particular subset of social media, who have some connection with AACE, whether as committee members or keynotes, and it is an informally garnered list so it is, at best, only partially representative of the broader field.  Even so, though they would knock me and a few others off the list, I think the following would mostly qualify too (and I avidly read most of what they write):

Donald Clark

Eric Duval 

David Wiley

Dave Cormier

Audrey Watters

Johannes Cronje

There are many others who have not yet done the AACE conference circuit or who have slipped off it, but who are well worth following on social media. I did start writing a list of some but realized early on that, even if I listed 100 or more, I would still miss people that really matter. You know who you are. The interesting thing though, I think, is that if you followed and interacted with just a few of these people on social media (not just what they write but what they curate and share) you would likely learn a great deal more about learning technologies, e-learning and education as a whole than you would by wading through a dozen courses or hand-curated textbooks. Crowds teach.

Still - thanks for the boost, AACE folk!


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