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Course Grading

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Course Grading

Started by David Clark August 25, 2021 - 8:04am Replies (2)

As I have now finished this course, I would like to raise the discussion on how everything is graded. 

According to the course outline, each unit is weighted in accordance with the contribution to the portfolio. That being said, I achieved 100% on the first 6 units and then 50% on Unit 7. This, somehow, correlates to a 50% mark on the overall portfolio??? 

This doesn't make any sense to me and to go along with that there has been ZERO feedback on what was wrong or how I could improve. 


  • Hassan Tanveer September 12, 2021 - 12:28am

    From my understanding the grades for each unit are not actually what are used for the final mark, but just show that you have done the work and the final portfolio and how to link it to your site is what matters the most. I could be mistaken talk to your Ta for clarification.

  • Jon Dron September 12, 2021 - 11:10am

    Sorry for the delayed reply, David - I missed the notification for this.

    It concerns me greatly that you received no feedback - your tutor should have been doing this, so something must have gone quite wrong if you didn't get any at all. I'm afraid it is too late for you, David, but, for current students, if you don't get feedback when you are expecting it, contact your tutor directly by email in case something has gone awry with communication and, if that fails, contact me ( so I can escalate it. This course relies on feedback, at least from your tutor. We hope that, at least sometimes, you will get feedback from other students too, and maybe give it in return (it can all count as evidence of competence you can use in your portfolio). Note, though, that (apart from the 5 stop points, that are mainly there to ensure that your plans will not lead you to do too much or too little, so feedback on those tends to be fairly brief) you will have to ask your tutor for feedback on your in-progress work as and when you need it. We don't expect that most students will need feedback for every unit, so we don't make it mandatory (I hate to coerce students to do anything that is not entirely necessary), but it would not be a bad idea to ask your tutor for feedback at least once before you reach the end. More details on that and the reasons behind it are at

    With regard to grades, as Hassan rightly says, there are no grades given during the course. Unfortunately the system used for recording marks for your transcript at the end is inextricably tied to how tutors are paid so something has to be entered into the form or they get no money: consequently, everyone gets 100% (as long as they did something) for each unit though it has zero weighting and counts for nothing at all:  it just means that you submitted something for that unit. We only judge your work when you have finished the course, not while you are still learning. The only grade that counts is the grade for the portfolio. Again, you'll find some discussion of the reasons for this at