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A guide to the Student Server

A guide to the Student Server

Started by Kimberly Lindsay January 29, 2022 - 3:15pm Replies (9)

Hey everyone, I really struggled with this incredibly simple task for way too long and had a lot of responses that didn't fully answer my questions, so I made a quick reference guide for the newbies who aren't sure how to upload their .html files to the student web server. 

In Unit 0 you have to request login credentials for the student SCIS server for this course, they will send you your login info. Make sure you have this or you will have to wait a couple days to submit anything when you're ready.

In Unit 2 you will be asked to create some .html files and be asked to submit them here, and to upload them to the provided SCIS student web space - you need to access this webspace through a network file transfer application. PuTTy is recommended in the orientation unit, but it is all command line, so if you aren't comfortable I recommend using something like Filezilla which has tutorials listed on it's website.

You will want the client version of the application, as there are two - and the free version works just fine.

For everyone's sake, I'm going to only go over Filezilla since it is likely to be used more often, as it's easier and nicer to look at...

First download the filezilla client here

Once you've downloaded and opened the client, you will need to type in the server address at the top where it says "host", and then follow with the username and password you've been provided. I tried to run this with the quickconnect but it doesn't work unless you specify the port, which is 22, so make sure you do this. 

ie) Host: username:kimberlyli password:******* port: 22

Once you've entered all that, press quickconnect (it's got a blue border, same row) and you will see status updates like:

"Status:connecting to"
"Status: Using username "kimberlyli13"
"Status: connected to"
"Status: retrieving directory listing" 
On the user interface you will see two windows along the bottom that display file folders, one is called "local site" and one is called "remote site" - after you have accessed the server, the window on the right (remote) will populate with files.

Simply navigate to your comp266 html files on the left window (local) and drag them into the right window, and place them into the public_html folder. I recommend making a subfolder named comp266, or assignment 1, etc. You can do this by navigating to the public_html folder and right clicking, then selecting "create new directory" - just ensure to do this within the public_html folder. 

That's literally it, just drag and drop, once you're done Filezilla will let you know the files have been transferred.

For extra practice I actually used puTTy to access the server and used the command line to view my files and double check they were there. You can easily do this on filezilla too, but this was a good refresher for me. 


Anyways, I hope this helps.