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Great 3 Minute Thesis Contest

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Great 3 Minute Thesis Contest

Started by Terry Anderson April 10, 2013 - 2:36pm Replies (1)

As a welcome back to our 806 seminar series, on Sept 25, 2013 via on Adobe Connect, the CDE will be hosting a GREAT 3 MINUTE THESIS contest.  You can see the details of the contest (from SFU) at Make sure you check out a few past winners linked from this site or directly from youtube or a google search!

The 3Mt Thesis was begun at the University of Queensland in Austral;ia. Check out the offical rules from Queensland 

The idea is you get three minutes and ONE powerpoint slide to explain your thesis. At the end our expert panel (to be announced later) will  select a winner using the criteria listed from SFU and the winner gets a TERRIFIC prize.  There will also be a "people's choice" winner that you can vote for.

I have invited the Doctor of Business Admin (DBA) students to join in (I'm sure the CDE crew will easily defeat them!!). In addition we will organizing an international contest, pitting our best 3 minute thesis contestants against graduate students from other open universities around the world!!!

So the first seminar will be on Wed Sept. 25 2013 at 6:00 PM MDT (note date change).  

Please spend your whole summer thinking about those three minutes of glory!!  This contest is of course open to all thesis students in the EdD and MEd programs - including grads.



  • Alexander Amigud November 29, 2013 - 9:25am

     Hi Everyone,

    I was reading the competition rules and I thought the event format of a live student debate falls more into traditional territory rather than a typical (read asynchronous) communication environment. The latter is a bit more complex and challenges not only one's communication skills but creativity in finding proper communication approach. Isn’t that what distance educators do every day ?

     I was wondering if in the future, the committee would consider slightly changing the University of Queensland format and allow submission of short pre-recorded multimedia presentations. They may be selected by a peer review process, eg. click to vote, number of views. One should not impose limitations on the number of slides or graphics. Let the most logical and engaging presentation win. In terms of technology and format, sky’s the limit.

    Now, about the rationale. Asynchronous participation will address scheduling conflicts and also technical glitches inherent in conferencing software. Rookie presenters suffering from a stage fright may be less frightened to participate, in the absence of live audience. Some research topics may sound better on paper. This change, if widely accepted, will generate lots of new content and perhaps provide new ideas for future research. Thus, the paradigm shift towards technology enhanced presentation of research findings creates new opportunities, resulting in higher participation rates. The number and amount of prizes may remain unchanged. AU the leader in distance education, will no longer be following the U Queensland format, but pioneer one of its own.

    I’ve summarized my thesis project in a 3 minute speed drawing video. Consider it a proof of concept.