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Useful Landing Links for creating your portfolio/supporting evidence

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Useful Landing Links for creating your portfolio/supporting evidence

Started by David H. Scott April 30, 2019 - 2:15pm Replies (1)


  • Jon Dron May 1, 2019 - 1:29pm

    Great references, thanks David. I often use the 'activity per member' tab when I want to see what group members have been doing: it's especially handy for tracking down posts from those that have posted things in surprising places. You can enter your own name into that, too (type slowly to allow the rather creaking AJAX search behind it to catch up, then select your name from the list when it appears), and it will show you a breakdown of your posts as well as other useful statistical information:

    For even greater control, visit your own profile or dashboard pages:  for either tool, if it is not already in place, you can set up an activity widget, as well as many other widgets for different kinds of post and information. In case you're wondering about the difference, the profile page is for what you present to other people (with discretionary access control, of course), while the dashboard is completely private to only you. Both can be set up with multiple tabs so you could, for instance, create a tab for each of your courses.