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Submitted final portfolio may 4th and school needs mark by May 15th

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Submitted final portfolio may 4th and school needs mark by May 15th

Started by Sepehr Mansouri May 14, 2021 - 7:13pm Replies (2)

Hello, i submitted my final portfolio on May 4th through moodle in the form of 3 zipped folders, one with code, one with all learning diaries and self-assessment, and one with images

I have not heard anything back and my school (McMaster) needs my final transcript mark by May 15th, to graduate on time, and this is the only course for which I am awaiting a mark before graduating,

I asked my program coordinator at McMaster what to do and she said I may be given a few days lee-way, but I am now starting to get worried that I didn't submit properly? I didn't make a blog post for my final submission because I didn't think it was needed ( However I did make a blog post for every singular unit ), but I am starting to get desperately worried about not receiving my final grade for this course on time to graduate with my peers

Anyone can help or advise me please


  • Jon Dron May 15, 2021 - 11:33am

    Hi Sepehr

    Unfortunately it is too late to meet that deadline, which is today. I have flagged this for your tutor (Mushtaq) to attend to as quickly as possible but, even if he is able to send the marks to me this weekend and even if I could moderate them by Monday, it would still take a further day or two (at least) for the marks to be finalized into a transcript.  Realistically, I think it will take longer.

    It sounds as though you have done everything correctly but, unless you reached an agreement in advance with your tutor to rush the marking, it would be extremely unusual for us to be able to finish the process in 8 working days, especially as this is an extremely busy time for us, thanks in large part to there being a lot of students in a similar situation.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful. We will do our best to increase the priority of your marks and to try to get them finalized as fast as possible, but there's no way that can be done today.



  • Sepehr Mansouri May 15, 2021 - 12:49pm

    Hey Jon thanks a lot for your response and for flagging this for completion especially with it being an extremely busy time,

    I did mention to my program coordinator that its very possible that it would take a few extra days for the final transcript mark (As May 4th was still a late submission and that's my fault), I'm sure my co-ordinator would still accept it and add me to the graduating class if my school receives the mark by the end of this coming week (May 21)

    I appreciate you addressing my concern, Cheers! :)

    Sepehr Mansouri