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The August 20, 2012 edition of The Insider is now available.

 In this edition-


  • Three AU MSc IS students win Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures Awards
  • AU’s Open Knowledge Environment Project has won a Campus Technology magazine’s 2012 Innovators Award
  • AU will be upgrading its Moodle Learning Management System in September
  • Dr. Martin Connors celebrates the one-year anniversary of his discovery of the Trojan Asteroid 2010 TK7
  • The theme of AU’s first Graduate Student Conference is Research and the Knowledge Frontier in an Online Environment. The registration deadline is September 5, 2012
  • Registration now open for two data analytics workshops being presented by AU and Alberta Innovates Technology Futures
  • The Centre for Distance Education is offering the master’s course Openness in Education (CDE 622) in the fall of 2012 for everyone seeking to understand rapid innovations in open online learning
  • Dr. Jay Smith spent July in NYC at the 2012 CrossCurrents Research Colloquium studying the relationship between religion and social movements
  • MAIS student Sharone Daniel received two Social Science and Humanities Research Council scholarships this past year
  • The Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association is seeking high-quality instructors for its spring session

The next issue of The Insider will be published on September 10. The deadline for submissions is August 31.