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Unit 6 - Ideas

Unit 6 - Ideas
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Unit 6 - Ideas

By Hassan Jasim 25 August 2022 @ 4:11pm

In this document I have focused on quality of the code over quantity, I have only implemented features that are useful to the personas I created in unit 1 and haven’t implemented gimmicky features that don’t serve the personas any use.


Changing Site’s Font Size


This will allow the user to increase or decrease the font size of all the elements on the page. Readability is key for all the personas and making sure that they can see our portfolio, the projects we have worked on and our development team. This is key as this will determine if they want to bring us on as a vendor or not.


Spelling Out Words


Adding some movement to a page as it loads gives the illusion that the website is dynamic. This keeps our website lively and interesting. I’ve always gravitated to websites with unique features such as a new take on parallax scrolling or a cool JS or CSS feature. Having some movement on the page has been shown to increase user retention and time spent on the page. In this function I will spell out the text in the project tiles after some time after the page loads.



Adding a Bubble Graph to Homepage


            This function will be very involved as I want to add a bubble graph that will display all the companies we work with, and their size will represent how big of a client they are to us. This will allow all the personas to understand which client is hiring us more and get an idea of the scale of the projects that we are doing. I want to use the D3 library for this.


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