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Unit2- Learning reflection and Progression

Unit2- Learning reflection and Progression
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Unit2- Learning reflection and Progression

By Jingyi Lao 17 September 2022 @ 9:17am

In this unit, i have implement three different html webpage(Welcome.html, Home.html, Gallery.html) with various tags.


Welcome.html - this webpage is intend to serve the function of welcoming the potential costmer to the bookstore. In this page, I add a image of book shelf to show the topic of the website while using tag to color and bold the welcome message. A link for Home.html is included in the bottom of the webpage.

Home.html - this webpage is intend to act as the homepage of the bookstore where it will show the suggestion to the users. I added a list for three different books to show off, with a table to show the schedule of today's activity that will take place.A link for Gallery.html is included in the bottom of the webpage.

Gallery.html - this page will act as the bookshelf that user can browser. An introduction to how an online bookstore works is showed, and external link for a demo video is link for this purpose, user can click the link to redirect to a youtube video.

Learning Reflection: I used Visual Studio Code(VSC) as my editor. While trying to consturct the websites, i had problem where the webpage would not load accordingly to the code i wrote; it is later that I found out I would have to refresh the webpage every time when i made a change to the html(also saving the html after the changes). Although its a silly mistake, but it really shows me that how the html function as Im giving order to the computer. When implementing the image onto Welcome.html I was oringlly saving the desire picture on my local computer, but then I tried to use the link address of the picture directly, which works like a charm. One of the problem I encounter is the tag oftable; since the spacing of each block of the table is hard to controll which I may later change in the following unit since the introduction of CSS would help to resolve this paradox. By Implying the same technic from what i learned in , I was able to link the external link with ease.

Overall, by completing this unit I had a deeper understanding of the function html. Which I would summary using my word as "giving computer the command to excute what I wanted". In the later unit I would probably make many changes to these three webpages since they are all basic and contain little of visual effects(color, font), and with later the helps of CSS, I would try to implement the intend function of each webpages; hopefully also creating the rest of html pages that will be need to complete this project.


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