Landing : Athabascau University

Report on First year of Duke U CoursEra course

I've highlighted and commented on the exec summary of this report from Feb 2013.

Lesson's for Athabasca

They have CoursEra's contast evolving MOOC platform. Is our Moodle up to a ten thousand new registrants?

They built this ocurse in 3 months.

The course was paced

Interesting details on drop outs and no-shows.




  • Would you not be better off to scale the Landing so that variations in enrollment do not impact the traditional student body? The inclusion of sync collaboration tools gives supports both sync and async collaboration modes.

    The Landing also supports emergent groups within any MOOC can happen rather than requiring admin support which should result in useful clustering why not increasing the admin workload. The experience provides the opportunity to move participants into traditional AU programs or cross-marketing to other MOOC's while supporting the distinct brands of MOOC/traditioanl programs. From the perspective of revenue streams this could support both the "ask" model for donations as well as the evolution of a PLAR fee for service for participants interested in recognition.


    Eric von Stackelberg March 13, 2013 - 10:34am

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