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Problem with importing survey data to SPSS

Hi everyone
I have already exported to SPSS my survey data [.sps & .dat files] from Limesurvey and now I am trying to import and run the script from SPSS but unsuccessfully. I followed all the instructions from the Limesurvey help screens and the LImesurvey online manual but I am getting error messages (see log file attachment).
Any ideas-suggestions why is this happening? Or can you suggest me someone familiar with this process so as to ask for his/her advise?
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Kindest Regards,



  • Hi Sofia,

    I responded by email as well, but thought I'd post this here for the benefit of more people who will most certainly encounter this problem... 

    When I exported my data, I first sent it to MS Excel so that I could get rid of all the extra rows that come from LimeSurvey. Then, fter I had cleaned it up, I loaded it into spss and it worked very nicely.
    Also, the first error in the SPSS log indicates that you have more variables than you are allowed with the student version of spss. You are only allowed to load 50 variables into any one .SAV file.
    To get around this, I had to load only those variables that I wanted to test into an individual SAV file. So if you have 75 variables and you want to compare #1-25 with #30-40, you will have to create a file just for that comparison. It is a real pain, but it worked for me because my quan analyses were quite basic.
    Depending on what you want to do with your data, you may be able to just use isn't as pretty or easy, but it can work.

    Colin Madland January 13, 2014 - 10:07am

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