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  • AU's Bob Heller and Mike Procter win top poster prize at E-Learn 2019

AU's Bob Heller and Mike Procter win top poster prize at E-Learn 2019

Well deserved!

You can find more info on the poster at

Here's the abstract:

Abstract: The present study is a partial replication of Heller and Procter (2009) who found that a conversational agent acting as a historical figure (Sigmund Freud) is rated more highly when there is no image accompanying the agent compared to either a static image or an animated image. One hundred and forty-four students chatted online for 10 minutes with Freudbot in 3 interface conditions (Image, Degraded Image, No Image) and then completed a questionnaire that assessed their perceptions of the experience. The questionnaire included the Agent Persona Instrument, a psychometrically validated tool for assessing the persona of a pedagogical agent (Ryu & Baylor, 2005). Although ratings of the agent and activity were highest in the No Image condition, significant differences were only found for the Credible dimension of the API, the latent construct Informational Usefulness, and the activity rating but only for participants who indicated they would talk again with Freudbot. These findings replicate Heller & Procter (2009) and provide points of discussion for the visualization of pedagogical agents.


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