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Writing 'Popular' Books in Archaeology

A contribution in the most recent SAA Archaeological Record discusses the importance of writing about archaeology for popular audiences. Nadia Durrani and Brian Fagan, the authors of popular prehistory texts and other archaeological literature,  discuss the challenges of authoring credible popular scientific articles.

See the attached article: Nadia Durrani and Brian Fagan. 2020 "Come, Let Me Tell You a Tale," or Thoughts About Writing for the Wider Audience. The SAA Archaeological Record March,  Volume 20 Number 2, pp. 7-11.

Another great source is Fagan's book on the subject, which is available to read online or even download (I believe) via AU Library: Fagan, Brian (2006). Writing Archaeology: Telling Stories About the Past. Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, CA.



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