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  • Hello Leah,

    I enjoyed reading through your RLO Green ICT Technologies.  It was interesting to try to compare how the organization that I work with match the various criteria and the different strategies that you have listed in your RLO.  Unfortunately I don’t think we did that well Laughing  We are still need work that is for sure.

    In terms of the content, I found that it was nice to have a series of reading and exercise activities, which helped further understand the content that was presented.  I did find the navigation straight forward but I did have a bit difficult when trying to follow a few things, but that might have just been me or word press.  I did run into one problem where I couldn’t click on the link to list major supporting organizations.  But that is pretty minor.

    With regards to the objectives that you identified, I believe I met them all even though I didn’t read every external resources (such as books) as you had a lot of them (which is good).

    Thanks again for putting together this RLO, I’ll definitely have to take a look at the office and see what I can do to make it more green.


    Patrick Corbett December 13, 2015 - 12:42pm