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Course contacts while Jon Dron is away: Revision

Last updated November 1, 2013 - 5:19pm by Jon Dron

You have probably reached this page as a result of receiving my out-of-office reply during my Research & Study leave, which continues until the end of September 2014. This page tells you who to contact while I am away for each of the courses that I normally lead:

COMP 266 (Introduction to Web Programming)

COMP 282 (Social Aspects of Computer Games)

COMP 470 (Web Server Management)

COMP 602 (Enterprise Information Management)

COMP 607 (Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Information Technology)

Please note that the other two courses I would normally be teaching, COMP 650 (Social Computing) and COMP 635 (Green Computing), will not be running in this academic year but, if you are seeking more information about these or other courses in the MScIS program, please contact 

For general enquiries about undergraduate courses or in the event of any difficulties contacting people on this list about undergraduate courses, please contact