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  • Skype Free []
    Note that the free version only has one-to-one video, whereas the paid subscription provides multi-video connections.  Skype recommends an optimal maximum of 5 people in a group video call.
  • Skype Origins []

SKYPE Recording How-to's:

  1. Tutorial: Recording VoIP Calls and Internet-telephony Conversations
    Configuration of Total Recorder with Skype.
  2. Recording Skype calls for free with Audacity
    Excellent video tutorial on configuring Audacity to record all sound from audio card.  The video appears to show MS Windows VISTA or 7 control panel.

SKYPE Recording Freeware:

  1. Audacity
    Records and edits audio. The LAME library is required for conversion to MP3 format.
  2. MP3 Skype Recorder v.1.10.1
    Records only in MP3 (lossy format)
  3. Skype Call Recorder
    Open-source audio recorder to MP3, Ogg Vorbis or WAV files (experimental Windows version)
  4. Tapur for Skype
    Records audio and video ($12 U.S. for optional features such as removal of logo on video)
  5. The Levelator
    This utility will auto-level sound files that are in WAV or AIFF format.

SKYPE Recording Commercialware:

Note: It is always useful to inquire into educational discounts, as many companies recognize the value of marketing to learning environments

  1. Callburner
    {$49.95 U.S.}
    Audio recorder
  2. Evaer
    {$19.95 U.S.}
    Audio recorder only in MP3 (lossy format)
  3. IMcapture
    {49.95 USD}
    Records audio and video calls (also for MAC OS X)
  4. MX Skype Recorder
    Standard version lossless records audio
  5. Pamela
    {$20.46-$40.98 CDN Compare versions}
    Low end version only records audio in MP3 (lossy format)
  6. Skype Recorder
    {$24.95-$499 U.S. Site}
    Audio recorder to MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA formats
  7. Total Recorder
    {$17.95 U.S. Standard;  $35.95 U.S. Professional; $53.95 U.S. +Video Compare versions}
    Audio recorder, editor, video recorder, and routing applications (equivalent to MAC WireTap Studio)
  8. VODBurner
    {$99.95 U.S.}
    Skype video recorder (free plugin version at  *note Windows 7 issue with admin policy)

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