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Cultural studies: Revision

Jonathan Baggaley, Ph.D.

education and media, evaluation methodology, health promotion, community development, applied social psychology, communication studies

Derek Briton, Ph.D.

adult education, educational policy studies, sociology of education, social theory, psychoanalytic theory, psychoanalysis of society and culture

Marc Couroux, M.Mus.

experimental musical traditions at large, contemporary Canadian music, video art of the 1970s - 1980s, art and sociopolitical activism, news media analysis

Gloria Filax, Ph.D.

sociology of the body (processes of normalization), contemporary social theory, qualitative research, ethnography, discourse analysis, youth studies, cultural studies/popular culture, governance & globalization, sociology of education, equity studies, trauma studies

Raphael Foshay, Ph.D.

literary and cultural theory, continental philosophy (especially Derrida, Levinas, Heidegger, Habermas, Adorno, Nietzsche, Hegel, Schelling, Kant), social theory, especially the Frankfurt School, psychoanalysis, comparative philosophy of religion, English literature

Michael Francis, Ph.D.

anthropology, visual anthropology, documentary and/or ethnographic film, cultural studies, African studies

Felix (Fil) Fraser, Ph.D.

Federal and provincial film, television and broadcasting policy, media in general (with a particular focus on both broadcast and print journalism), human rights policy and programs, arts funding and policy

Mike Goodwin, M.A.

applied linguistics, critical theory of applied linguistics (e.g., Pennycook and Phillipson), ESL studies and ESL curriculum development, Foucault studies

Sheila Greaves, Ph.D.

history of anthropological theory, archaeology, environment, society, and technology, Canadian pre-history

Carolyn Guertin, Ph.D.

information art, architecture and aesthetics, technology and gender, electronic literature, cyberculture, women's writing (20th century), feminist theory

Lorelei Hanson, Ph.D.

environmental thought, green cultural studies, rural studies, new regional studies (Canadian West/Prairies), qualitative research methods in the study of environmental/spatial matters, place, nature, wilderness, landscape

Patricia Hughes-Fuller, Ph.D.

British cultural studies, adult and labour education, the politics of popular culture, literary and social theory, the literature(s) and culture(s) of Canada

Wendell Kisner, Ph.D.

political philosophy, social theory, recent continental thought, German idealism, environmental philosophy, global studies, focused study of various specific texts drawn from the corpora of the following thinkers: Giorgio Agamben, Alain Badiou, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Derrida, Hans-Georg Gadamer, Felix Guattari, G.W.F. Hegel, Martin Heidegger, Immanuel Kant, Emmanuel Levinas, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Antonio Negri, Friedrich Nietzsche, Plato, Slavoj Žižek

Manijeh Mannani, Ph.D.

Comparative literature, cultural studies, genre studies, literary theory, colonial/post-colonial literature

Mark A. McCutcheon, Ph.D.

postcolonialism, new media and techno-culture, performance studies, Romantic literature, popular culture, adaptation studies

Paul Nonnekes, Ph.D.

Gender and sexuality (psychoanalysis and masculinity), cultural studies (critical theory), Gramscian theory, postmodernism, social theory (psychoanalysis), critical theory and poststructuralism

Collette Oseen, Ph.D.

women and organizing, transformatory organizing, women and development/globalization, French and other European feminist theory, feminism and the movies, feminist methodology

Kaddi Purru, Ph.D.

Theatre Studies, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Literary Studies, Curriculum and Instruction (cultural epistemologies and ways of knowing, critical postcolonial pedagogy, interdisciplinarity), Qualitative Research

Pat Rasmussen, Ph.D.

transformative adult education and community organizing, curriculum/educational studies, rethinking the self (subjectivity, discourse theory, and everyday relations of power), postcolonial and poststructural perspectives of education and social work, contemporary cultural and social theories of gender, sexuality, class and race, disability studies, health promotion and prevention in human services, creative non-fiction, journalling, and writing autobiographically, sociology of work - labour process, subjectivity, professionalization, cooperatives, feminist political philosophy, feminist counselling theory and practice, qualitative/interpretative inquiry (especially narrative inquiry)

Robert Runté, Ph.D.

popular culture (cyberculture, kid culture, avocational subcultures), sociology of education, organizational behaviour (committees, stakeholder groups, long hours culture), sociology of the professions and management of knowledge workers, qualitative research methodologies, Canadian speculative fiction

Angela Specht, Ph.D.

cultural production and consumption of identity within the contexts of community development, tourism, heritage, and public art, intersection of social theory (poststructuralism and cultural studies) with economy, culture and place, cultural and economic production of place via tourism, museums and public art, public policy and formation of place, identity and community, ethics and public policy, globalization, governance and social change, representational literacy

George Tombs, Ph.D.

representations of the individual in art, literature and science, governance in public and private institutions, organizational perspectives, creative non-fiction, journalism and media studies

Winona Wheeler, Ph.D.

Indigenous histories, anti-colonial theory, treaty rights, traditional indigenous knowledge