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Week 7: Working with Content: Revision

Last updated May 30, 2010 - 10:13pm by George Siemens

Much of what we've looked at during the first six weeks of TLSTN has been focused on interaction - tools like blogs, The Wire, and Groups enable members of the Landing to interact with each other.

Elgg, the system that drives The Landing, started out as an eportfolio tool, helping learners manage their learning content. Many content management features still exist in Elgg, and that is our topic this week. 

I've created a series of short tutorials on how to work with content - particularly, polls, files, images, and bookmarks - in the Landing:

Using Polls (~3 min)

Bookmarks (~3 1/2 mi)

Files and Images (~4 min)

Optional readings:

On social bookmarking:

Image sharing (based on flickr, but some of the concepts are similar in the Landing):

Activities for Week 7:

1. Create a simple poll and share with the TLSTN group

2. Bookmark and tag a few resources relevant to social networked learning (share one article and one video/multimedia resource). You can post these resources either to the TLSTN group or to your own profile. Please tag the resources with TLSTN.

3. Upload a few files - images or word documents to your profile. If relevant to this course, tag with TLSTN.

4. Write a short blog post, summarizing your experiences working with content in the Landing (based on week 6 & 7)

5. Attend the weekly here in Elluminate session on Tuesday, June 1, at 2 pm Mountain time.