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Artifact 5: Mobile learning and Distance Education.

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Artifact 5: Mobile learning and Distance Education. 


Hong Kong Trams, Photo by Tom Worthington CC-By 3.0 2015


With mobile learning, I tried some gadgets but realized it is still about people, not gadgets. Along the way, I got to meet one of my instructors, half way across the world.

Introduction to Mobile Learning

Why Selected

Mobile learning provided the opportunity to try something genuinely new to me. I had designed courses for desktop computers, but never considered, in detail, how to use mobile devices. I did not even own a mobile device until prompted to so so for this course.


Assignment 4, course MDDE 623 Introduction to Mobile Learning, Perspective on the adoption of mobile learning:

"This paper investigates the use of mobile learning (m-learning) for programs and workplace learning. My area of work concerns teaching ICT students in Australian postgraduate programs leading to professional certification. Such courses are increasingly delivered via blended and e-learning, using tools such as Moodle. However, one aspect of such programs which has limited support from on-line tools and remains an educational and administrative problem, is the workplace experience component required for professional certification of graduates. This paper considers the question as to if m-learning can help with workplace learning."

From: Mobile Learning and Distance Education, 5 December 2015


1. Problem Solving, Analysis, & Decision Making

1.1. Recognize problems

1.2. Define the aspects of problems

1.3. Formulate questions

1.4. Find and access information

1.5. Critically evaluate the relevance of information for a given situation

1.6. Compare alternatives using critical analysis

1.7. Make reasoned arguments using critical reflection, leading to rational solutions.

1.8. Justify these solutions

1.9. Present them to others

1.10. Recognize the wider implications of specific knowledge

1.11. Adapt solutions to suit varied situations.