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imageSo I found this and think as a visual learner this Home - Freeplane Documentation will certainly help me in understanding and workflow related problems I'm having with OOP and Method, Class, Construtor, Object orientation. If I can adopt it quick enough , I will already have to watch the video again but this hopefully is a great 20 minute investment and could help in data organization in Java, the program FreePlane is opensource and free for all , a truely great initiative by the authors thankyou. This Video by Peter Carruthers is a great introduction to the power of this tool.

This software has GNU general licence is free to distribute for all, this is great! keeping helpful software availible especially power stuff like this is how the world changes.

I hope visualizing this language will allow me to break some barriers I've been having and pehaps you too.

Written in Java and works with your jdk


The software is here free for download if your interested and there are helpfull tutorials everywhere.

Freeplane - Browse Files at