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The Canadian Institute of Distance Education Research (CIDER) is a Centre for Distance Education research initiative at Athabasca University, Canada's Open University.

CIDER's research scope is broad, ranging from learning and teaching application, issues of finance and access, the strategic use of technology in distance education settings, and other factors that may influence distance education in Canada.

CIDER fellows, students, and staff conduct original research, undertake evaluation and training consultancies, publish reviews and summaries, and undertake professional development activities.

CIDER offers its fellows, students, and others interested in distance education research a range of services, resources, and publications. Most importantly, CIDER strives to support an active Community of Practice among distance education researchers. CIDER also provides a voice for policy formulation and development, and comprehensive distance learning planning based on sound research that takes real education contents into consideration. CIDER seeks to be the central source for distance education research in Canada.

CIDER aims to reduce conjecture and guess work in distance education, by helping people just like you - researchers, educators, administrators, and interested individuals - make fully informed decisions based on RESEARCH THAT MATTERS!

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