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English 304: A History of Drama II - productions

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The student of drama today can take virtual field trips to the theatre. Here are links to productions of several plays, assigned for reading in English 304, that are available for online viewing. The productions are listed in the order they are assigned in our course (not in alphabetical order).

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A Doll's House | The Cherry OrchardSix Characters in Search of an Author | The Hairy Ape | Endgame


Ibsen, Henrik. A Doll's House [film adaptation]. Dir. Patrick Garland. Perf. Anthony Hopkins et al. 1973. Rpt. in Youtube, 9 Mar. 2017.

---. A Doll's House [theatrical performance]. Dir. Louis H. Campbell. Belhaven U, 22 Oct. 2009. Rpt. in Youtube, 12 Feb. 2013.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Chekhov, Anton. The Cherry Orchard. Dir. Richard Eyre. Perf. Judi Dench. BBC, 1980. Rpt. in Youtube, 13 Jan. 2010.

This link is the first of four parts; links to the rest appear to the right of this video on its Youtube page.


Pirandello, Luigi. Six Characters in Search of an Author. Dir. Stacey Keach. Trans. Paul Avila Mayer. Hollywood Television Theater, 1976. Rpt. in Theatre in Video database, via AU Library. (Requires AU log-in.)


O'Neill, Eugene. The Hairy Ape. Dir. Rodney Whatley. Pensacola Junior College, 22 Feb. 2008.

This link is the first of two acts; the link to Act Two appears to the right of this video on its Youtube page.


---. The Hairy Ape [radio adaptation]. Dir. Jose Quintero. Bay Area Radio Drama, 1989. Rpt. in Eugene O'Neill Electronic Archive, 2008.


Beckett, Samuel. Endgame. Dir. Conor McPherson. 2000. Rpt. in Youtube, 2014.

Other streamable productions of Endgame are also available:

Dir. Paris Ellsworth. Loeb Experimental Theatre, 2015.

Dir. Jamie Butler. 2012.