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Question: How do I log in? What happens if I have lost my password?


To log in...

If you are a member of AU (staff or student) just click the AU staff/student login link and use your usual ID and password - the Landing uses the same single sign-on as most AU systems. If you need to change your password or have it reset, please use the central system

If you are an invited guest, use the 'Invited Guest Login' link and enter the username and password sent to you. If you have forgotten your password, please visit the Landing login page and click the 'Lost password' link - a new one should be sent to you. Should that fail (eg. if your email address has changed) mail We will seek confirmation of your identity and may need to contact your AU staff sponsor before resetting your password.

To become a guest...

Guests may only be invited by members of AU staff. If you are a member of AU staff wishing to invite a guest, please contact the Landing team either via the support button (enter a new support query) or by mailing For each guest we will require a name, email address, brief rationale (typically enough just to say something like 'research project' or similar) and a cut-off date after which the account will not be needed (may be indefinite if that's what you need). Note that, should any problems arise relating to the guest account, the staff member who made the invitation will be our second point of contact should we fail to contact the individual concerned.



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