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Question: How can I get help with using the Landing?

How can I get help with using the Landing?
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March 2 2015

If you are logged in...

The help group is a good place to start- there are posts on a wide variety of topics as well as the opportunity to ask the community. You can reach it via the 'Help' link at the top of every page.

Look for the 'life ring' on the 'support' button: if it is shown in colour, then there will be some help available from there relating to the page you are looking at.

If you still cannot find the help you need, use the 'support' button to ask for help - someone should get back to you fairly soon. Note that you can also use this to report bugs, make suggestions, voice your approval, or complain. Do check out the FAQ from the 'support' button too.

If you are not logged in...

Some of the help group posts are available to the public- do check there first.

Mail with any queries if you are unable to log in to the Landing itself or if the help group does not provide what you need.


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