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COMP 361: My advice and reflections on Assignment 1

The difficulties I experienced during this assignment stemmed mainly from the unusual form it took. Given the fact that it requires us to write through the lens of an analyst in charge of justifying a project and laying out the required outcomes, it seems to leave quite a bit of room for subjective approaches. What constitutes a proper business benefit? Is this too narrow/specific to be considered an “event”?...


This being my first assignment in a course such as this, it was all too easy for me to procrastinate, wondering whether I would even be able to come up with adequate paragraphs to fill the required sections of part A. 


Another concern was quantity: I’m not sure if I wrote enough to address the concerns brought about by the questions. After all, having to justify a project could mean more or less information to back it up depending on who gives the go-ahead.


These concerns had me experiencing writer’s block more than with any other assignment, ever.


I decided to write anything that came to mind, giving myself more leeway to figure out what the “skeleton” of each part should include. Starting with this approach allowed me to gain confidence and clarity: it helped narrow-down the scope of what I was going to cover and led to the discovery of more ways to approach each part. Indeed, going through the demands of each part of the assignment, it can seem as though the amount of information to include spans across endless space, which makes it seem much more daunting than it really is. In order not to spend more time on this than originally planned, I recommend following this approach, perhaps using bullet points to determine the approximate parameters of each part. 


A tip for part A would be to pay attention to all the details related to the system and the process by which members go from applying to accessing the cars. Through this, one can picture how such a project would unfold, making it easier to determine what constitutes parts like system requirements and business benefits.


For part B, I recommend going over the entire case study, highlighting each sentence you think might constitute an “event”. Then, go over each highlighted sentence and paste only the ones that seem adequate into the first column of your table. 


Get started as soon as possible. If you can afford to dedicate an entire day or two to the assignment, I recommend doing so, as the momentum you would gather throughout that day would probably help you finish sooner than you would otherwise.


  • Adam F Goodier May 15, 2022 - 8:14pm

    Going through this actually helped me a lot with keeping attention to detail and being very strict with the project memos and other information. I took about 4 days to get through it all given that the first day was really just trying to get the big picture of it all. I finalyl got some inertia at the end of day 2 and was easy sailing from day 3 onwards. I only spent about 2-3 hours a day on this. 

    I was wondering why you were so specific about going through the entire case study and actually highlight each sentence that might incite a use case event. So far I feel that my use cases are complete. But the assignment did say 'all' the use cases. And I definitely didn't do all the events I could think of because it's only 22 marks. But it would be the first time I was jipped marks for being slightly incompletel. I just cant imagine coming up with ALL use cases.... That would be almost impossible I would think

    Highlighting the use case sentences was a great idea. I actually took it a step further and printed out all 10 pages of the case study, Highlighted the sentences and then stuck them up on my wall for quick viewing. I have to say my wall looks ugly, but this strategy has panned out to work extremely well. Because of the nature of the project, and im sure anyone can attest to this. We're constantly required to go back and forth and back and forth to look at the details of the case study, well instead of scrolling and control efing, I know just look above my my desk and its easy breazy pumkin squeezy, I suggest everyone do this. My productivity went up significantly after implementing this.