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Week 11 Reflections

Social media has definitely had a huge impact on how I relate and interact with friends and family. Although I am not a heavy user of social media sites, I still interact with people on there a decent amount of the time. Like many people, I have so called "friends" on Facebook that I bare know or don't even know at all. I have also interacted with people who I have never even met in person before. As an individual, I am one who is quite cautious when it comes to social media. So I only post pictures, status updates or other content  once in a while.

Social media has changed how people interact and what information about them is available to the public. After reading how the government uses fake profiles to send friend requests and thereafter poke around the lives of those individuals, I am now weary of friend requests from unknown individuals.

Avoiding social media all together might not be a good idea, however special care should be taken when using social media sites. The same (or similar) precautions should be taken when interacting with unknown entities online as one would when interacting with a stranger in person. Social media might be portrayed as a fantasy world but it is far from that. Social media does have a significant effect on an individual's everyday life.


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