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I am participating as much as I can in George Siemens' 'Teaching and Learning in Social and Technological Networks' (TLSTN).  In my role as E-Learning Facilitator at Thompson Rivers University,one of my major responsibilities in developing and nurturing somewhat of a collaborative learning community.  Consequently, I am very interested in learning about the tools offered in the Landing and how this community might inform my work at TRU.

My other role is that of MDE student at AU, just starting my 4th course (610).  I look forward to the process and hope that I will be able to engage the discussion in a meaningful way.

A particular and growing interest that I have is related to the use of podcasts as a part of teacher professional development programs and also as tools that can be used to 'humanize' or personalize asynchronous learning environments.


  • I am interested in podcasts, too. I would like to make an mp3 of any long stretch of text in a course available for on-the-go listening. I liked the robotic voice of IRRODL at first, but about halfway through an article, I started to zone out and wish I could listen to a person. There really is no substitute for a good human reading voice.

    Mary Pringle April 28, 2010 - 2:28pm

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    There are several options if you want to record your own podcasts, depending on your operating system.

    Macs come with GarageBand included, and PC users can download Audacity for free (little cumbersome though).

    Colin Madland April 28, 2010 - 3:07pm

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