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601 Completed

Just completed assignment 3 for MDDE601 last night and have uploaded all my assignments.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am looking forward to 602 and 603 in September.  

Questions that remain after 601 include:

-what is the best format for delivering m-learning content? (text, audio, video, flash?)

-has anyone come across a mobile LMS (MoodleMobile)?

-how can podcasting benefit learners in formal and informal learning environments?


  • Alexis Braun July 26, 2009 - 7:47pm

    Congrats on finishing 601! I found it really empowering to complete a grad course (back when I started).

    And now, looking back, I wish I'd done what you are doing now and used me2u to keep track of thoughts from the beginning. If you do end up going the portfolio route, the reflections on your learning and experiences will help with meeting the core competencies. I'm trying now to remember what I was thinking then, and it's hard!

    Good luck with next term. I really enjoyed 602, and having just finished a term of taking two courses, I applaud your energy! Not sure I could do it again, lol.