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The Robotics Primer: Chapter 11

Programming languages

The programming language used might not make or break a gadget, device, or robot because any Turing universal language can create any program. However, languages can use different amounts of memory and require different amounts of time and effort from the programmer to create the same program. If the device only has a limited amount of memory, or if the program needs to be created in a short amount of time, certain languages may not be suitable.

As new technologies continue to develop, more and more programming languages will need to be created. The programming languages that work well for certain applications do not necessarily work well for other applications. As technology advances, the number of possible applications of programming languages will increase, and new programming languages will need to be created for those applications, resulting in many more programming languages being used, each one suitable for a specific set of applications. On the other hand, as technology develops there might be better “all-purpose” languages that would be suitable for all kinds of applications, reducing the total number of programming languages used. So, I guess it could go either way.


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