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Who's running Samsung Tablets anyway?

Why would a customer pay premium prices for old tech that has less memory than the much older tech?


However, that is exactly what Samsung has done with the Galaxy - Tab 7 Plus and Tab 2 (7.0).  Both 7 inch tablets are the same price but the old version (Plus) has 16 GB Storage while the new version (Tab 2) only has 8 GB.  This move by Samsung to protect the 10.1 Tabs from being undersold by 7.0 Tabs defies the technological progress of providing more features with time.

Therefore it looks like newer is not better.... good thing Samsung didn't subtract cameras along with storage... then I would start to think they were completely cutting off the 7.0 market.

This tech spec game that Samsung is playing will not improve my confidence in this company...I guess it could be worse... the black slab of


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