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The Blogging Apprenticeship (Identity Construction Processes)

Identity Construction Processes

Process Tag Description
Self-Awareness SAWARE past experiences, internal/external motivations, learning environment
Self-Efficacy SEFFIC identification of goals, expressing frustrations, ambivalence, doubts, concerns; taking inventory of knowledge and skills; stop-points
Self-Observation SOBSERVE reflections on personal perspective changes, self-talk, self-recording, tallying, metrics
Self-Reaction SREACT reflections on lessons learned, describing social supports in place or to be put in place; self-praise; digital footprints; action plans, pause-points;
Self-Presentation SPRESENT self-created learning aids; artefacts of learning; schemas, tables and charts, graphic organizers, rich pictures, idea maps, checklists, annotated bookmarks, pageflakes, podcasts, collections of RSS feeds, profile development
Self-Judgement SJUDGE revising goals, looking back, looking forward; comparing performance to self-determined critieria, determining criteria for self-assessment; summary reflections


  • Where did this come from? These tags would be good portfolio organizers.

    Mary Pringle May 12, 2010 - 3:44pm

  • hi Mary,

    This is a revision of Zimmermann's ideas from his article: A Cognitive view of self-regulated learning. I created a concept map using these concepts in an earlier post. I then applied them to the application of blogging.


    In the previous two tables (knolwedge and network construction processes, I drew from Lilia Efimova's work from her Mathemagenic blog, as well as from Stephen Downes' blog posts, particularly from his ARFF model to describe network building activities.



    Glenn Groulx May 12, 2010 - 5:06pm

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