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Unit 5 - Review of Three JavaScript Ideas

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By Mats Phillips in the group COMP 266 January 1, 2017 - 5:22pm


  1. Sorting and filter tools on the special patterns, brand versions, and other puzzles pages. On each page that lists items in a table, Javascript will reference a dataset (maybe in a separate file), sort through them according to the sort selected by the user (either from a drop-down menu or buttons on top of columns), and only show items that are in the category/have the tag that the user has selected (either in a navigation field, or a drop-down menu).
  • This would help Janice and Robert to search for special patterns and puzzles by giving them ways to specify what they are looking for.

2. Drop-down menus for each of the main page buttons with sub-pages/categories. The ‘Special Patterns’ menu button will have drop-down buttons for beginner, advanced, and other methods. The ‘Solving Records’ menu button will have drop-down buttons for Worldwide and U.S. results. The ‘Other Puzzles’ menu button will have drop-down buttons for Cuboids, Shape Shifting, Rubik’s Cube Design, and Other.

  • This would help Sean to look through each of the main pages of the site and access the beginner methods directly, and would help Robert to go to the advanced solving methods from the home page, without having to click on the ‘Solving Methods’ link first.

3. Color/theme change option for website. A settings icon can be clicked to show radio buttons, icon buttons, and drop-down menus that can change settings like background-color, foreground-color, enable/disable images, theme, and font.

  • This would improve the browsing enjoyability of Janice, who personally likes exploring different options and enjoys customizing things.
  • Sean could change the color or theme to his liking, to make browsing the site more attractive to him, so he can more easily take up an interest in cubing.


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