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Some ideas to help the digital world for those lotto winners with too much money.

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By Steve Swettenham November 14, 2017 - 3:11am

In October 2017 a 190 Million Euro Euromillions ticket was won by a spanish player ( . Given that such magnitudes in financial resources in the past have not changed the world, other than promoting excess, I offer some ideas to those with unbelievable excess in cash in how to affect global digital change (not that I am the first or last to have such ideas) through contributions to the following open-source intiatives:

  • 1 Million Euros to LibreOffice foundation to promote better design and function of their free - open source - office applications. In particular, cleanup of the Drawing app for layer and object control, and better SVG. Also EPUB 3.x export could be improved in LibreOffice. In addition, a chapter/book management framework would really help.  The bibliography section > nuls, worth scrapping for Zotero inclusion.
  • 1 Million Euros to Wikipedia, if it wasn't for that organization we (the have nots) could be stuck with commercial gated information.
  • 1 Million Euros to VLC media, to continue development in an incredible multimedia product.
  • 1 Million Euros to Pressbooks for continued development of an open e-publishing platform.
  • 1 Million Euros to Gutenberg Press for the repository of free reading content.
  • 1 Million Euros to the OER repositories.
  • 1 Million Euros to Zotero Citation Manager - something useful for students (other than Pubs)
  • ...

There are many more open-source applications, and open non-proprietary projects that have provided value to the Internet global village. This was a tiny warm-up list.

Just some thoughts for those super rich who will very likely never see this post.


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