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COMP 361 - Self Introduction

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By Xing Li April 30, 2019 - 10:01am Comments (2)

     I’m a person enthusiastic about learning computer science and software engineering. Before I migrated to Canada in 2013, I had taken master courses in software engineering for one year in China. Although these courses were not recognized in Canada, I continued learning software engineering at Sheridan College in Ontario after I saved enough money from 2013 to 2017. In the one-year study from 2017 to 2018, not only did I achieve 12 A+, but I also developed an E-commerce web site on my own. After that I found that college study is too slow to satiate my learning appetite, so I chose to pursue online bachelor’s degrees of double major in mathematics and computer science at Athabasca University. With the flexibility of online courses, I managed to take a full-time job of planning analyst at weekdays and learn university courses at weekends. In my work time, I learn Visual Basic Application (VBA), the most popular computer language in the office environment, and write VBA programs to automate my daily job. In my leisure time, I learn Android programming so I can write small mobile applications for my kids. I plan to finish 40 Athabasca University courses by the end of 2020 and may continue to learn artificial intelligence as my focus of master courses. With my passion and learning power, I think I can reach my goal.


  • Holy moly! You are one driven individual.  How are you able to do so many courses just on weekends? You must have excellent time management skills.  It's good that you have a lot of background, when I started this I was so green I was practically camoflauge! I still feel like I'm learning every day.  You seem to have the keen eye for gathering skills that your company would benefit from, and that will get you far!  Please do give me tips! I'd like to finish 40 courses by 2020 but I fear I don't have the attention span.  Good luck to you!

    Jessica Leska April 30, 2019 - 8:29pm

  • I've finished 15 courses so far.  With the pace of 5 courses each term(4 months), 2020 end is an extropolative result. 

    I obtained a bachelor agree in material science with heavy load of Maths, Physics and Chemistry, which is helpful to my learning speed. I also programmed a lot for my paper and in my jobs, so computer science is friendly to me. Smile

    I just finished unit 1 of COMP361 in 2 hours, and I find that I'm familiar with most terms which were frequently used in my past experience of SAP implementation.

    Good luck to you, too.

    Xing Li May 1, 2019 - 8:40pm

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