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COMP 361 - Week 1 Notes

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By Xing Li May 8, 2019 - 11:42am

Unit 1 Introduction

 (Net time: 130 min)

project: a planned undertaking that has a beginning and an end, and that produces some definite result (time constraint+ result orientation)

subsystem: a part

p27 the purpose of systems analysis is to thoroughly understand and specify the user’s needs and requirements.

p5 the purpose of systems design is to define and describe in detail the system that solves the need

information systems (software, database, manual process) vs computer application


six core process of SDLC (system development life cycle) :

initiation, planning, analysis, design, implementation (programming and testing), deployment


Iterative development is an approach to system development in which the system is “grown” in an almost organic fashion. core components first then add additional ones; 6 core process repeated over and over.

benefits: core result realized sooner, find tough question earlier, flexible

objective: some core function ready with system test done


System Vision Component=benefits + functional capability

work breakdown structure->identify, organize individual tasks with time estimate

work sequence draft

use case list (requirement): user+ user triggered event + system response,

object class list (solution)

class diagram: class + attributes + relationship, focus on information requirements

use case diagram

work flow diagram or activity diagram: Tasks (Oval) + Decision points (Diamond) + Sequence (Arrow) + Role (Column, source of the user interface)

screen layout

database schema

architectural configuration diagram: decide the architecture.

design class diagram: in more categories(problem domain, view layer, data access, utility) and more details(key, data type)

subsystem architectural design diagram


Testing process (p25)


User Acceptance Test: correctness + fitness


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