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SCIE 326 - Unit 7 Notes

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By Xing Li June 21, 2019 - 11:44am

Unit 7

(net time : 196 min)

rules of professional conduct (behave in certain ways to know the truth): knowledge is public, not to judge by source or faith, include all sources with no bias, honesty, open minded,

successful science requires certain cultural values: free inquiry, free thought, free speech and tolerance (respect human dignity)

misconduct: jealousy, fear of failure, excessive desire to appear successful, keep secret, no tolerance

4 principles of integrity: get it right, be scientist, be human, integrate science into worldview

3 mythisco-magical assumptions: Nature is unknowable, determined by external, willful power, futured can be controlled by magic (god, fortune-teller)


first crisis of science: how to get reason not nonsense  -> formal logic by Aristotle

cultural factor: religious tolerance, jury system, open communication, discovery of America -> exploration

science influence on culture: helio, natural selection, relativism, no free will


post modern claims:

science and other thinking are equally valid

the process to reach scientific consensus is not purely rational

science is not uniquely determined by observation

how science is abused: (example?)

                discuss scientific theory but know nothing

                apply science to humanity without rational analogy

                use jargon when it’s irrelevant

                use scientific sounding language to talk nonsense

Q1 ?

Q7: social Darwinism

Q8: the current scientific conceptual network is so complicated that any individual research work is nonsense?


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