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Unit 5 - Writing JavaScript - IDEAS

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By John Borg in the group COMP 266 September 6, 2019 - 7:03pm

Hello all,

Below I will be discussing my proposal for the three JavaScript ideas that I would like to work on in this chapter. While experimenting and researching JavaScript further, I had many ideas that could make my website more enjoyable for my target users. Ultimately, I chose three that I believe will improve my target users experience most drastically. I believe that the following ideas are the most relevant to my identified personas. I look forward to receive approval and begin coding for this unit. Feel free to leave any feedback for my ideas in the comments below. 

Idea 1: Weather Application Side Bar

With the implementation of a local weather display in the side bar of every page, users will be able to check the days weather at a glance while browsing the webpage. The main purpose of my website and social media page is to encourage individuals to head outdoors. Ideally, I would like to display the local weather along with a small note corresponding to the conditions outside. For instance, if the forecast calls for overcast skies, maybe the note will read, "The weather is ideal for fishing today." I hope this will further encourage my identified users to get their "daily dose" of the great outdoors. Because the personas previously identified are interested in various outdoor activities, this brief weather section will apply to all of my target visitors. Additionally, I identified before that I would like to assist outdoor enthusiasts in becoming well-versed with a plethora of experiences in the natural world. Because many of the personas are exclusively involved in one outdoor activity, this idea is meant to inspire them to try new ones when the weather is ideal for it. 

Idea 2: Reactive Navigation Bar

I also thought that it would be beneficial to implement a reactive navigation bar on my website. The main purpose of doing this is to make a more enjoyable experience for the users that access my site from various sized devices. This is especially important for visitors accessing using an tablet or smartphone. Implementing a reactive nav bar means that the navigation section will compensate accordingly for the size of the users display. This ensures that the visitor will experiences a seamless interface while browsing between pages on my site. When I was initially identifying the possible personas and scenarios of my users, I noted that some are using iPads and iPhones. Thus, I believe that this idea will ease website navigation for users that access the site from mobile devices. 

Idea 3: Email Form Validation 

This idea is designed to verify that all fields in the email form have been filled out correctly. This ensures that the submitted data will be received successfully to the application of choice. The goal of this implementation is to provide visitors that are trying to contact me with a form of feedback, for the case that their personal info was not entered as expected. Essentially the web application will check that the data is correct. This will occur in the web-browser before being submitted to the server, making this a client-side approach. Ultimately, this is beneficial for visitors as it provides an instant response to error detection, resulting in fewer user headaches down the road. This is relevant to my identified personas considering that my target visitors cover a wide age range with varying levels of computer experience. With this being the case, I want to ensure that my email form is intuitive to use for the least “tech savvy” of my identified personas. A goal of mine is to communicate and engage easily with my target audience, this is why I would like to streamline my contact form.