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Assignment 1 outline

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By Jill Diachuk September 28, 2019 - 3:08pm

Outline assignment one:




  • Who are Reda & Fernsteen? Educators and background of Reda as a scholar/published writer
  • Idea’s based on reflection for students to understand their writing
  • NCTE standard that reflection will help students become better writers. Older information based on reference
  • Negative writer persona
  • Touch on data provided


Paragraph 1: NCTE

  • They state that critical reflection is the solution to bad writers
  • Understanding of how students take information in are changing thus reflecting on their writing
  • Standard in place of educators
  • Application of reflection good for all skill levels and disciplines. 



Paragraph 2: Critical reflection

  • Finding ones voice
  • Life skill
  • Understanding= writing and vice versa
  • Emails, texts and journals 
  • Process to become a writer/confidences


Paragraph 3: Data

  • Lack of quantitative information ie graphs of success.
  • Prior knowledge of Reda
  • 15 years of teaching and 3 different universities
  • C average to b average through reflection activities
  • Ideas based on bigger picture from the references used by F & R



  • Review of the activities and reflections put in place. 
  • Was the article strong or weak? 
  • Relate back to thesis statement


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