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Room for Improvement

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By Jill Diachuk September 30, 2019 - 7:48pm
  1. Write about how word choice, tone, and style make a difference in expressing yourself in academic writing.

Word choice stands out to me as one of the parts of writing that can reflect your knowledge of a topic. Through the required readings one of the activities in chapter 6 has the reader choose between two words that could go in each sentence. By choosing the “wrong” answer that sentence changed drastically going from an intelligent well versed sentence to sounding as if the writer was not educated about the topic. In my critical review using words that add to the sentence structure will be something I need to focus on. Being clear concise is important but not sounding basic isn’t good either. Further building on that is the tone that I will have to bring. Keeping a neutral view of the article while picking out the positives and negatives of it at the same time. Laying out the strengths and weaknesses will help along with review of chapter 6 examples.

  1. What are your strengths when it comes to reading and writing critically? What have you learned about your writing?

I believe one of my strengths is being able to work my way through critical reading. Breaking down the layout of the writing and understanding the important topics. Being able to formulate a writing plan is another strength/ time management skill. Finding time to sit and work my way through things without getting distracted helps move the process along. Through my undergrad and playing on a collegiate hockey team finding time to get work done was important. This skill has served me well in both my career and schooling. 


  1. How can you apply your strengths and what you have learned in your writing? What do you need to work on?

I’ve already started my rough draft for my assignment while utilizing an outline. Keying in on those main points to bring out the correct tone and review of the article. While doing this I am working on getting a topic for the next major assignment. Things will start to add and up move quicker as we progress into the middle section of the semester. 

I’ve learned that I need to layout everything out whether that be the strengths and weakness on que cards or printing off outlines. Having structure helps keep the idea’s and wording on track. Moving through a process gives me a mental check mark to keep going. 

I need to work on using the correct wording. Putting more thought into how I am writing what I know want to say. Instead of using basic words when there are words that I could use from the article that would make the paper cohesive with the correct verbiage. Some of the points made in article I am currently reviewing corresponds with the class and ideas around it as well. Understanding that not only is the assignment a critical review but a learning tool for ourselves as writers. 

One of the parts of my writing that I have a goal to improve on is my thesis statements. I struggle with encompassing the right ideas into one sentence that will give the reader a clear idea that this is the thesis. During my writing process I have written several thesis statements down and plan to work through them with my editor to build one that will stand out.

The thing I need to work on writing again. Emails, quick notes about conversations and quotes don’t help my writing skills. They if anything make them worse with the lack of purpose to them in a sense. There is a bit of substance but nothing that requires research, or thesis statements. The assignment article mentions that it is about practicing and reflecting on your writing to get out of the “bad writer “mentality. 


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