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Unit 1 Submission + Learning Diary

I have finally completed unit 1!  I feel pretty lost at the moment but I wanted to take a shot in the dark with this submission just to see if I really know what I'm doing. That being said, I currently have a website that I created with a free drag and drop editor. I would like to be able to actually build my own website. To start I'm using the same idea and content as my current page but I plan to expand and change it as I move through the course.

Even during this assignment, I foudn myself realizing new content and different means of presentation that I will try to build once I get onto the next unit. I'm not uber creative but I will manage.

I have enjoy working on this unit and thinking about the end user as I never really have before. As I continue I will be able to better gauge and test my website to see if it is reaching the correct target demographic. Creating the personas I found to be quite difficult as I didn't really know why anyone would come to my website, but for some reason I do currently net 30-40 hits per day.

I responded to all of the learning requirments in the attached file and I hope that this is where and how I am suppose to upload my unit submissions.

Would love some feedback if anyone is up for it.

- Austin


Unit 1 Submissions


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