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ENGL 177 Assignment #2

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By Rachel Doores March 14, 2015 - 7:50pm

Assignment #2 was a bit difficult for me to complete compared to some of the other assisnments because it was a topic I am not very familiar with nor have I researched before. However, it was very interesting learning about the different motivations that brought various cultural groups to Canada. After reviewing my marked assignment I realized that I did really well on my first paragraph that focused on only one cultural group, but struggled a little on the comparing and contrating paragraph. I found it hard to decipher which details were the most important to focus on and would demonstrate the most similiarities between the two groups I choose. Overall, I find narrowing down my research into only 6-8 sentences and have realized that I should try to review and perhaps spend a little more time on my outline before starting to write teh actual assignment.  For my next assignment I will make sure that I take the time to review my assignment as many times as possible before submitting to catch the little spelling mistakes and grammer issues.  All in all, I have really enjoyed this course and wish that I didn't have to rush through it due to my nursing application deadline. Thanks for all your continued help LaDawn!


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