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ENGL 177 Assignment #4

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By Rachel Doores March 16, 2015 - 10:44pm Comments (1)

I received my mark for the 4th assignment and I am very pleased becuase it was even higher than I was expecting. Taking the time to double and triple check for mechanical errors helped me avoid simple spelling and grammatical mistakes. Also, I reviewed the comma rules again, as suggested by my tutor, to ensure that I was using the comma properly throughout my paper as this was something I have struggled with in previous assignments.

For this assignment, the topics were more interesting to me than some of the previous assignments. I was able to choose a topic that covered two areas that I find fascinating; the environment and healthcare. I really enjoyed researching and writing about smog and its effects on human health because I have always been an advocate for trying to promote a healthier environment. Our health depends on the health of the our environment and if we reduce our ecological footprint we are helping provide a better quality of life not only for ourselves but for future generations. Additionally, I think I did well on this assignment because I am more comfortable writing essays in the argumentative-persuasive since it is primarily the style I am most familiar with. However, one thing I did find a bit difficult about this assignment was the length. I had to keep going back and taking out supporting evidence and cutting down my sentences because this was supposed to be a short essay not a longer essay. Longer essays have always been more of my strong suit, but this assignment helped me work on pairing down my research and working towards more concise, well thought out paragraphs. Overall, this was one of my favourite assignments to write and I think that was reflected in my mark. 


  • Rachel,

    I'm glad to hear you liked this assignment.  Given the direction you're headed, it's no wonder you are interested in encouraging people to live a more healthy lifestyle.  In terms of editing, that fresh set of eyes will always find more errors than if you simply check it over after writing.  Keep up the hard work.


    LaDawn Funk March 17, 2015 - 7:13pm

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