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ENGL 177 Final Entry

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By Rachel Doores March 16, 2015 - 11:28pm Comments (1)

Handing in my last assignment came with a feeling of great relief. This was the last prerequisite course that I needed to complete in order to apply for nursing school. Unfortunately I had to compete this course in a quite a rushed manner due to my tight deadline, but I am so happy that I was able to complete it all in time. I enjoyed this course more than I had originally anticipated because it gave me a chance to work on my academic writing skills that have become a little rusty over the years. I took this course while working full time and although it was difficult to budget my time wisely, I am very proud of myself for successfully overcoming this challenge and completing the course on time. I am now one step slower to achieving my dream of becoming a nurse, which is very exciting!

One of the features of this course that is unique to any others I have ever taken through Athabasca was this online journal. It has been a nice way to reflect on the things I have achieved and overcome throughout this course. The main things I take away from this course are the importance of time management, creating outlines before diving into writing an assignment, taking the necessary time to review and create several drafts before submitting the final copy. In the past I used to jump right into writing an assignment without an outline or any kind of structure for my ideas, which is not the most effective way to write an assignment. This course has taught me how to write clear outlines resulting in more cohesive, well thought-out essays.

The one thing that I did find very disappointing was the technical issues I experienced during my final exam. It was a technical issue with the MuchLearning system that prevented me from answering a few questions fully before the time ran out. I hope that this does not happen to future students because it was a very stressful experience and I didn’t get to rectify things in the way that I had hoped since I have such a strict deadline.

Overall, this is an effective course and I owe a lot of my success to my wonderful tutor LaDawn. I would like to thank her for her continual support throughout this course and her speedy response since she knew I was in a rush to complete this course. I am excited to use my improved writing skills for future coursework and I wish everyone good luck with finishing up their courses as well. 


  • LaDawn Funk March 17, 2015 - 7:17pm

    It's been a pleasure working with you, Rachel.  Now that you know your career path, it should be clearer sailing.  I wish you the best of luck in your second career.