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Clarifying the Details of Martin Buber's Existential Philosophy

Attached is a link to an article that I found extremely helpful. When reading about Existential Therapy in the textbook I found myself confused about existential philosopher Martin Buber's take on the I-Thou relationship. Specifically, I was unsure about the difference between the I/It concept and the I/Thou concept. This paper was written by John Scott, et al. about the ways in which Buber's philosophy could improve client-practitioner relationships in settings which rely on the medical model. He applies Buber's theory to what he and his colleagues have called the Healing Relationship Model. I have posted it here because his summary of Buber's philosophy is very clear, and a good resource for anyone else who wanted more information on it. It is located under the subheading "Martin Buber's Philosophy", however the way in which the paper applies this and other philosophies to client-practitioner relationships is quite interesting, and is worth a read.


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