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Started by Gaganpreet Jhajj December 6, 2023 - 1:24am Replies (1)

Hello Everyone!


My name is Gagan, and I am a student in the MSc program. I am taking this course as part of my focus area in intelligent systems. I am very interested in game theory and game AI. I took many courses focused on this during my undergrad at the University of Alberta, with a big focus on combinatorial games and games such as Go. 


I have done some internships in industry, where I worked on data pipelines and test automation, and I hope to gain a strong background in MAS that I can leverage into a future Ph.D. program. I have done some prior reading into MAS in transportation systems and voting systems that I hope to share with everyone going forward.


As an individualized study online course, I know there are few people concurrently enrolled, but if anyone wants to discuss emerging technologies in MAS or AI more generally, feel free to reply. 



  • Oscar Lin December 6, 2023 - 8:50am

    Thanks Gagan for your warm and passionate introduction!  MAS is a relative new area and has a bright future for building hybrid human-AI intellent decision-making systems.  Looking forward to working with you.

    Dr Lin

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COMP667 Multiagent Systems

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