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Teaching using Screencasting and Video

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Teaching using Screencasting and Video

Started by Thomas Sheppard January 22, 2009 - 9:03am Replies (2)

Here are examples of an eteacher using screencasting to teach his students how to use Audacity.

Audacity:  How to use the Audacity Controls


Audacity: How to to Record with Audacity


Audacity: How to to Edit with Audacity


Audacity: How to Create an MP3 in Audacity


I'm looking at how to utilize screencasting and videos in distance education.  I'm curious about how others view this technology for teaching.  What are your opinions?  Does he do a good job?  What do you notice about the content and qualities of the videos?  What do you think is effective?


  • Terry Anderson February 25, 2009 - 9:13am

    Hi Thomas

    I didn't watch all of these videos, but I found them to be detailed, his voice engaging and the quality fine. Must of all I like the accessibility- for the teacher- easy to create quality screen capture videos with voice, and easy to distribute through Utube and other sites.

     My biggest concern is the with the cookbook pedagogy. Just having the students follow along. Are they really learning to learn, or just learning to follow. I would hope the scaffolding he provides with the videos would be reduced near the end or next task, so that students come to be more self directed in a gradual emerging of their own self-efficacy.

  • Thomas Sheppard February 25, 2009 - 11:01am

    As high school teachers we always struggle with this issue of self-efficacy.  Trying to move our students away from being spoon-fed to becoming more indenpendent learners is a struggle.

    The way I approach this in the tech projects I give students is to teach them basic skills by guiding them as part of a sample project and then give them an even more challenging assignment using the skills they have learned.

    I dislike the cookie cutter templates but they do have their usefulness.  The quality of learning depends on whether the teacher helps their students move beyond this to being confident enough to learn more on their own.