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The Distributed Teacher: slides from my TCC 2016 keynote

In this keynote presentation at TCC2016 (in its 21st year, almost certainly the longest running online conference in the field, if not the world) I talked about:

  • how teaching is always a distributed role - a gestalt orchestration between an indefinitely large number of actors, always including the learner as the most important teacher and always many others
  • how our pedagogies in educational systems are designed for the constraints of physics and make little or no sense in an online learning context (and are only a poor but necessary compromise in a physical context)
  • how the dynamics of control and changing boundaries of online learning mean that we must learn to let go, and some simple ways to start doing that through systems like the Landing and pedagogies that assume learner control not as given, but as a natural right.

I sang a song at the start. Hopefully, the recording will eventually be available on the TCC site.